After your session is done, don't let your photos gather dust on your hard drive! Bring your memories to life, show them to those around you and put them on the walls to remember them every day.  

The life span of digital photos is not infinite, you are never safe from data loss. I often receive calls from my clients who have lost all their photos because their computer crashed and it was impossible to recover them. Make sure to preserve your photographic memories in other way than on a hard drive or USB flash drive.  

I offer you several photo supports printed by professional laboratories to guarantee you the best quality and impeccable finish and longevity.  

You can check the whole range of various photo supports in my studio.

I custom create these supports with you and for you, according to your needs and your desires. 

Simple prints 

  •     Fujifilm Satin professional premium photo paper (232 g/m²) 
  •      High image stability as well as anti-yellowing pure white tones 
  •     Fingerprint protection

Fine Art Prints 

  •     Hahnemühle artistic photo paper (325 g/m²) 
  •     Maximum colour accuracy and durability 
  •     Ideal for framing 


Top-of-the-line photo albums, of exceptional quality, which are handcrafted by passionate professionals. 


Souvenir Photo Album

  • Opening the pages flat 
  •     UV protection coating 
  •     Thick, cardboard pages 
  •     Cover personalised with your favourite photo 


Album photo Prestige

  • Opening the pages flat 
  •     UV protection coating 
  •     Extra thick, cardboard pages 
  •     Acrylic glass cover combined with imitation leather with your favourite photo  


Interior decorations 

If you wish to use your images as interior decorations, I can offer you prints on different supports - wood, canvas, aluminum, acrylic glass that you can personalize and order according to your tastes and desires ... 

Alu dibonds :


  • 3mm thick aluminium 
  • UV varnish 
  • Extremely strong, very rigid and waterproof 
  • Hanging system: aluminium suspension profile 




  • Professional quality canvas prints 
  • Wooden frame 2 cm 
  • UV varnish 
  • High colour brilliance 




  • A natural presentation of your photos 
  • An original wood printing technique 
  • UV varnish 
  • The grain of the wood will make your photo unique



  • A natural presentation of your photos
  • An original wood printing technique
  • UV varnish
  • Customizable with your own text





  • Decorative design object
  • Printing on Acrylic Glass

  • UV Varnish
  • With chrome feet



It is important for me to to be your guide in the choice of the various types of image supports, their format, their texture because all these elements must be taken into account to compose the decoration of your interior or to choose the most beautiful gifts for your loved ones.